The secret of success is a mix of research, deep knowledge in digital textile printing process and long experience in engineering the inks manufacturing process.

Novedrate, 16th March 2020

Bellagio RJM reactive ink, launched as a world premiere at Heimtextil show last January, has proved to be a winning model, “the first installation of RJM in India has achieved extremely positive feedbacks. Customer has noticed a better color yield and a reduction of the required cleanings” said Andrea Barbiani, VP Sales Director.  The secret of success is a mix of research, deep knowledge in digital textile printing process and long experience in engineering the inks manufacturing process.

»      The starting point is the high-quality base raw material by the highest degree of purity. This is an indispensable criterion determining stability, printability and color performances, “we are working closely with our partner to reach a high level of yield chemical reaction to produce reactive dyes (≥98%), limiting the formation of secondary products (≥ 2%)which influence purity and color brightness” explains Luca Guggiari, JK Group R&D Director.

»      Electrolytes content is another topic of the formulation. The electrolytes content, above all chlorides and sulphate, significantly influences stability, printability and lower wear of printheads. Chloride & sulphate content in Bellagio RJM is very low compared to other inks within the market.

»      Black color strength offers neutral shade, high optical density and wider gamut allowing to reduce the ink usage obtaining exceptional printing output. Bellagio RJM Black M allows to reproduce a wide color palette, which displays shades of deep and vibrant tones and semitones, as well as brightness.

The obsessive attention to these parameters has led to achieve a higher open time reducing downtime, due to the cleanings, as well as the consequent ink consumption, assuring higher productivity.

The deep knowledge in the digital textile printing process, derived from the heritage and the synergic job between JK & MS teams, allows us to create a bespoke waveform. 

»      Waveform settles the interaction between ink and printhead by influencing the quality of the drops, more specifically the landing place accuracy, the fall speed, the trajectory and the satellite drops formation. Only by a bespoke waveform it is possible to control these parameters avoiding overspray issues, thus achieving top-quality printing results.

In order to be consistent with our sustainable approach, Bellagio RJM has passed all the tests achieving the ECO PASSPORT certification: 20EP00002 (certification number) and it has been loaded in the ZDHC - level 1 gateway.

OEKOTEX ECO PASSPORT and ZDHC are just the first step. We are open to satisfy all the requests in terms of eco standards and certifications our partners are looking for.

“With the new series we offer an unmatched solution in terms of reliability, lower wear of printheads and quality of prints outcome, as the results of the first installation of RJM in India have shown. We are now proceeding in converting many customers and some key actions already started in other strategic accounts in the rest of the world” ends Andrea Barbiani JK & MS Sales Director.


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