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Merchandising: The Importance of Colours in Branding

Merchandising, or the promotion of products to the retail consumer, requires a quick turnaround of promotional materials to the downstream customer. Kiian Digital has an effective and efficient distribution network for its products that allow customers to supply their customers with printed materials promptly.

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Sublimation Inks for 3D materials: 3D Objects 3D Decoration

Gli inchiostri sublimatici possono essere stampati direttamente su tessuto o in transfer. Tuttavia i tessuti non sono gli unici supporti che possono essere decorati con questa tecnica: anche gli oggetti 3D rigidi possono essere stampati con gli inchiostri sublimatici. Le possibilità e le combinazioni colore sono infinite e i designer possono usare grafiche dai colori vivaci praticamente per qualsiasi oggetto, Un’applicazione molto interessante è quella degli sci e degli snowboard le cui personalizzazioni diventano delle opere d'arte uniche e di qualità.

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Softsignage: be amazed by colours Soft Signage

‘Soft Signage’ covers printed textile media, which are used to promote and sell brands and goods. This application covers many items: banners, indoor-graphics, exhibition displays, flags and so on. The “keyword” for this market is: “to astonish through colours, moods and texture effects”.

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Disperse Direct Inks for Flag Production Flag & Banner

One of the biggest problems in printed fabrics for outdoor use is weathering and UV fastness. The biggest factor in flag production is prevention of colour fading caused by sunlight.

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Katie Lee Fashion

When Katie Lee, a textile designer, started her career she created her designs by using analogue techniques such as drawing. With the advent of digital technology she began to make her designs on a PC, and then some years ago, Katie invested in an inkjet printer and a heat-press so she could produce her own sample prints, instead of having them outsourced. For Katie, it was a steep learning curve, but now having mastered the digital process, she can create unique one-off designs for her customers.

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Opportunities in Printed Interior Decoration

Curtains, wallpapers, upholstery fabrics and lampshades are all examples of printed interior decoration. Customization and personal taste have turned the indoor decor market to an exciting new application for digital textile print producers.

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Color Gamut is Key in Sportswear Sportswear

Team colours at many sporting events are instantly recognisable, and sportswear designs, whether for national teams or brand-sponsored teams, are mostly based on spot colours. Getting the colours right requires a wide colour gamut, and Kiian Digital offers a large range of spot colours to allow the production of correctly printed sportswear.

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