Sublimation inks can be printed directly or can be applied by transfer techniques on to fabrics. But fabric is not the only media to which transfer inks can be applied. Rigid 3D objects can also be decorated with sublimation inks. The possibilities are endless and designers can use vibrant colours for virtually any object. One very interesting application is snow gear. With, for example, snowboards being highly customized, and unique works of art.

Kiian has a long history in providing colour solutions to the screen-print industry. It supplied formulations to many industries, including sports segments. As well as print production for sportswear, Kiian Digital has provided products for the decoration of skis and snowboards. With the advent of digital printing technology, it became possible to produce one-off designs for personalized use., Kiian Digital has developed a series of market leading digital inks which have now lead the way to increased digital production of skis and snowboards.

Besides the possibilities in ski and snowboards, other 3D shapes can easily be decorated. Examples include phone covers, violin cases, and hairdryers. Most 3D shapes can be customized and tailored to the design needs of brands and specifiers. Possibilities are endless.

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