Printers have to steep learning curves to overcome as they transition from analogue printing to digital printing. Kiian Digital can offer advice and knowhow to fast track some of the issues that may be encountered during this change.

"A bit of help can make a big difference."

  • Store inks in a safe place, at the right temperature.
    Prevent inks from freezing or getting too warm. This will have a positive influence on the shelf life of the products. As a rule of thumb, keep inks in a cool, dark place. Do not expose the products to direct sunlight. Store the product up right and away from air conditioning units or heat radiators. A temperature between 10°C and 20°C is recommended.
  • Condition media before printing.
    Temperature and humidity can influence the results of inkjet printing. Before commencing printing, make sure that media and the printing environment are constant and close to the optimum. This may differ by application, but generally, 20°C and a relative humidity of 55% is a good starting point. Media coming out of storage or shipment should first have some time to condition. Too dry or cold material will react very different than warm and humid material. Ink flow will be different and this can cause variations in output.
  • Fabric can be delicate, shrinkage or stretch can occur.
    Every batch of media can be slightly different. Across different suppliers, similar media types may vary greatly. Often, shrinkage or stretch, are part of the production parameters to deal with. Some material is less prone to the influence of high temperatures, but often media shrinks as a result of the sublimation or fixation processes. It is a normal phenomenon.


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